Wes (The Portrait Dude) has been specializing in making people feel amazing in their cosplay for nearly five years. He loves working with everyone from first-time cosplayers to internationally known personalities and everything in between. With over 80 conventions, dozens of national and international magazine features, websites and publications under his belt as well as shooting the 2018 C2e2 Crown Championships of Cosplay in Chicago he has dove head first into this amazing community and loves every minute of it. Wes travels to various conventions all around the US providing content and helping people see how amazing they truly are just like they are without spending a ton of time doing it. If you want to see what he’s about, give him two minutes and I guarantee the results will blow your mind.

Wes is currently a regular contributing photographer to Cosplay Culture Magazine and has a studio in Columbus, OH where he specializes in cosplay photography and personal branding photography.