Mick Foley is well known as a WWE Champion and New York Times best selling author.
One of thecornerstones of WWE’s meteoric rise in the late 90’s, Mick Foley earned the nickname ‘TheHardcore Legend’ for his ability to absorb seemingly inhuman punishment in some of the mostdramatic matches in sports-entertainment history.

Already a respected veteran for his 11 physicallypunishing years wrestling under the name Cactus Jack, Foley’s career soared to new heights inWWE as ‘Mankind’, a character Foley claimed was inspired by a combination of reading ‘MaryShelly’s Frankenstein’ and listening to the music of Tori Amos.As Cactus Jack, Foley won the 1995 ‘King of the Deathmatch’ tournament in Yokohama, Japan, andcontinued wrestling, despite the amputation of his right ear, in a match against Vader in Munich,Germany in 1994.

As Mankind, Foley was a 3-time WWE Champion, but is best known for his epic
and brutal battle with The Undertaker in 1998’s ‘Hell in a Cell’ match, during which he was knockedunconscious after falls both off of and through the 16 foot Cell structure. Despite the injury, Foleyfinished the match – with one of his front teeth lodged in his nose.
Foley’s acting credentials include ’30 Rock’, ‘Warren the Ape’, Now and Again’, ‘G vs E’ and ‘BoyMeets World’ and he was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Beyond the Mat’ He hasdone voice work on ‘Squidbillies’ ‘Celebrity Death Match’ and ‘Avatar: the Last Airbender’ and was
featured in a 2012 episode of ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’.