You’ve seen him. You’ve heard him. With an imdb list a mile long, thanks to
appearances across platforms such as television, feature film, animation, video games,
commercials, talking toys, promotion, narration, and internet; as a result, Mars is
affectionately referred to as “That Guy From That Show”.
At age eleven, Jason Marsden relocated from Warwick, RI, to Hollywood to pursue his
dream of being an actor. Starting with commercials, on camera and radio, Marsden
landed his first recurring role on “General Hospital” as Alan Quartermaine Jr.. Soon
after, Mars was cast as Eddie Munster on the 80‘s revamp, “The Munsters Today” with
John Schuck and Lee Meriwether, in an 86 episode, three season run (which can be currently seen on Hulu)! Marsden’s career continued to blossom when he joined the cast
of the critically respected “Eerie Indiana” (now on Amazon). From there, Marsden
continued to work on pilots and series, guest staring and recurring roles, and appearances
in feature films through the mid 90s! To name a few, “Star Trek Deep Space Nine” “Blossom”,“Baywatch” “Tales from the Crypt”, “Ally McBeal”, “Will & Grace”, “Just Shoot Me”, and most notably “Full House”, “Boy Meets World”, and “Step by
In the feature film world; Jason played a young Billy Crystal in Crystal’s directorial
debut “Mr. Saturday Night”. In “Fun With Dick and Jane”, Jason botches Jim
Carrey’s shoplifting attempt. At age 20, Jason landed the job of a lifetime when Sir
Ridley Scott cast him in “White Squall”, opposite Jeff Bridges and an ensemble of
talent. The film shot in 8 countries around the world in 4 months. Recently, Marsden
appeared in Steve Taylor’s indie hit, “Blue Like Jazz”.
During his nearly 30 years as an actor, Mars has built an outstanding legacy in Voice
Over. Lending his pipes to hundreds of animated cartoon series, feature films, video
games, toys, and counting! Amongst the most popular, he is the voice of Goofy’s son,
Max, in “A Goofy Movie” as well as the follow up “Extremely Goofy Movie”. Every
Halloween, millennials ritually view Disney’s “Hocus Pocus” to hear Mars as the cursed
feline “Thackery Binx”. In “Lion King 2”, Mars voiced the rogue lion “Kovu”. He is
also Chester McBadbat in “Fairly Odd Parents”, Nermal in “The Garfield Show”,
Conrad ‘Duke’ Hauser in “GI JOE: Renegades”, and has appeared in episodes of
“Ultimate Spiderman”,“Batman: Brave and Bold”, “Teen Titans” “Avatar: Legend
of Korra” to name a few more. A fan fave is Mars’ performance in Miyazaki’s, Academy
Award winning, “Spirited Away”, as Haku the mysterious boy/dragon. Jason absolutely
loves working in animation! Getting to working with the talented voice over artists that
he used to listen to while watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid is a dream come
true! Current projects include: futuristic speedster, Impulse in DC’s “Young Justice”,
“Transformers – Rescue Bots”, “Monsters U”, “Secret Life of Pets”, “DuckTales”,
and the popular video game, “Skyrim”.

Marsden currently lives in Nashville, TN. In between acting gigs, he produces live
music events and original web and television content through his company Mars