Eurico is from Long Beach, CA and has been practicing different martial arts and movements his whole life. His passion for the martial arts and theater has led him to professional opportunities as a coach and as a stunt performer, namely for Marvel Universe LIVE where he portrayed Chitauri, Spiderman, and Wolverine. Today, he is starting out his own martial arts academy called Spider Martial Arts.

Eurico started his journey training Capoeira at a very young age, learning from family members. This led him into Tricking and Parkour as a teenager where he became very skilled and once attending CSULB (California State University Long Beach), he started the first collegiate “Martial Arts Tricking” club with a curriculum for others interested in doing flips and kicks.

Eurico’s love for education started around the same time his movement journey, too. He was in advanced placement classes in middle school and high school; won a Japanese language high school scholarship to visit Japan with JET’s (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Memorial Invitational Program in 2011; and landed his first paid job tutoring math as a high school senior to freshmen and sophomores.

A before and after graduating CSULB, Eurico has been instructing all kinds of movements from Parkour & Tricking, to Capoeira & Reading. Today, Coach Eurico strives to represent Black & Brown diversity in Martial Arts & Film to build community and tell untold stories overlooked in today’s landscape.

Coach Eurico also enjoys rollerskating, walking nature trails, and spending time with family. His favorite moves are the Helicoptero and the Btwist.

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