Born in Lansing Michigan to a comic book collector and a musician, Chris Jai grew up in a creative home. Upon graduating high school he moved out to New York city as a producer for an independent record label shortly after returning home to start his own label and Michigan.
2005 he moved to LA in hopes of obtaining success on a bigger scale quickly landing his first gig as a stunt man in the feature Lords of the Underworld.
Enamored with film and TV, Chris went on performing both in front and behind the camera, learning all facets of the craft and appearing in principle roles such as TURN as “Titus” on the AMC, “Officer Trap” on TrueBlood HBO, “Kale” on Sam & Catopposite Ariana grande, The Jump Off, as well as performing his own action sequences in features Assassins Game as “Emmett”, Decommissioned, and most recently “Agent black” right-hand man to Dolph Lundgren’s character and 4got10.
Chris works frequently with Tom Sizemore and Vivica A. Foxx and has collaborated with heavy hitter such as Bryan Singer, Rupert Wyatt, Tim Miller, and Wes Ball.

Chris’s voice has also been featured on many projects such as “Lonely Blade” and Steven universe, “Catcher Freeman” from The Boondocks on Cartoon Network and “Drift” the latest addition to the Autobots the Transformer video game franchise, Rise of the Dark Spark.
In addition to voice over he appears in various projects via motion capture such titles as Tombraider, Resident Evil and the award-winning title, The Last of Us.
Chris also produced and hosted over 40 hours of the TV show Save Point in Australia for Fox.
Chris Jai continues to act, write, direct and be creative for a living, continuing to strive to tell great stories to anyone with an open ear.