Cosplay contest winning, published model and successful photographer, Lauren is as her title suggests, All Things. She, on top that, is a videographer, a gamer, and a makeup / special FX artist.

She started out as a Disney fanatic and has cosplayed popular characters such as Elsa or Cinderella. She is also a Marvel enthusiast, as shown by her female takes on Thanos or Captain America, and is a comic book lover. Anime has recently taken over her creative endeavors, as shown with Vash (Trigun) and Hinata (Naruto)!

Lauren has been a cosplayer for about 5 years and a photographer for 10, has guested for around a dozen conventions in the past, and has hundreds of photoshoot experience under my experience belt. She has been featured for work as a cosplayer, model and a photographer. And she has no intent of slowing down or picking a lane.

Driven by her persistence and determination, and she still has lots of tricks up her sleeve and steady goals in her heart. She looks forward to meeting all of you, and hopes you’ll follow the journey as she continues to learn, experience new things and grow into the woman she is destined to be.

Lauren Schweer

All Things Lauren