Butch Patrick is synonymous with pop culture and the loveable character of Eddie Munster from the iconic television show, The Munsters! A character role that he embraces for the millions of fans who love The Munsters!

Whether you have seen Butch on TV or have had the opportunity to meet him in person, you got a glimpse of who he is….genuine.

Butch, in his own individual capacity, is a great and amazing person. He has been through many personal adversities; has fought and conquered the negative issues around his life. Butch Patrick….the man today reflects the sustainability of simpler times and fans’ memories of their childhood connection with a TV show – The Munsters. At every event when fans come to meet him, there is a special connection that transpires. The smiles and tears of joy, laughter, exchange of memories and stories allude to the fact that the Munsters will never be forgotten.

Butch is one of the original Munsters, but the only one touring and meeting Munsters’ fans! He is keeping the Munsters’ alive! Don’t pass up any chance you get to meet Butch Patrick, the memorable and loveable Eddie Munster!

All upcoming Butch Patrick Tour dates, can be viewed on www.munsters.com and on the Official Munsters Fan Group Facebook.

IMDB Bio Link – https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0665822/