Artist Guests

Phil Hester

Eisner-nominee Phil Hester has been writing and drawing comics since the dawn of time. He has drawn Kevin Smith's Green Arrow, Mark Millar's Swamp Thing, Warren Ellis' Shipwreck, Robert Kirkman's Ant-Man, as well as notable runs on Nightwing, The Flash: Season Zero,...

Yen Nguyen

This Kansas City born native is a proud child of the 80’s and 90’s. The art draws inspiration from the heroes the like from Transformers, Gi-Joe and anime. He works as a graphic artist in the KC area and is currently working on assorted work for independent artists.

Ben Wolf and Charis Crowe

Ben Wolf is the award-winning author of adult and children's fiction. His latest novel, The Ghost Mine, is characterized as "Taut, vivid, and captivating" science fiction/horror. His stories explore moral boundaries and feature "richly developed characters" and...

Kris Stout

Kris has spent 20+ years in the video game industry. He started on Sega Genesis games and since then has worked on games for Microsoft, PC, and Sony. Kris has done artwork for many game apps on the iPhone and Android as well. Now he spends his days in graphic design...

The Portrait Dude

Wes (The Portrait Dude) has been specializing in making people feel amazing in their cosplay for nearly five years. He loves working with everyone from first-time cosplayers to internationally known personalities and everything in between. With over 80 conventions,...

Don Kramer

Don Kramer is an illustrator that has worked for Marvel, DC, Valiant Comics and Penguin Publishing that has worked on JSA, Batman, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, The Thing, Captain Marvel and the Outsiders as well as New York Times best selling graphic novel...

Cory Hamscher

Cory Hamscher is a comic book artist from the great state of Indiana. Breaking in as a penciller/inker in the late 90s, Cory's first major work was as an inker for Devil's Due Publishing where he worked on various titles including G.I.JOE and G.I.JOE vs Transformers....

Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell is a comic artist and colorist. He did storyboards for the Emmy winning Cartoon Network miniseries Over the Garden Wall and won an Eisner award for drawing comics based on that show. He has also worked as a comic colorist for Marvel, Spongebob Comics, and...

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