“The Zombie King,” as he is known, rose to stardom for his work on the
smash hit series “Marvel Zombies”, and is the cover artist for the Black Panther.
The lines at his booth at any given show are a testament to the enduring
“zombie craze,” with Suydam as a forerunner.

He is also renowned as the Deadpool cover artist on “Merc with a
Mouth.” As well as “The Walking Dead.” And he is credited as being one
of the first artists to bring fine art painting techniques to the
world of comics in such books as “Cholly and Flytrap” and “Mudwogs.”

Recent awards for Arthur include “The Spike TV Scream Award (Best
Artist),” “Spectrum Gold Award for Institutional Art,” “The San
Sebastian Film Festival Lifetime Achievement Award,”as well as the
“University of Maryland Eastern Shore Lifetime Achievement Award,”
among others.

His work can also be seen on works for “The Walking Dead,” “Deadpool,
“Batman,” “Wolverine,” “Fantastic Four,” “X-Men,” “Ghost Rider,” “Army
of Darkness” “Vampirella,” and too many to name here. His “Cholly and
Flytrap” series has recently been compiled into a collected volume,
marking that great achievement and its place in comic history.

Arthur will be doing FREE sketches for kids ages 5-12 on Sunday
June 23rd from 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. so don’t miss this amazing